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Kate By Marissa May (Previous Custom Order) Oil or Air Dry?
I am working through a zillion photos of my past work for Caucasian skin tones. I am use to doing ethnics mostly, that is what is always requested by my collectors. I think I will play with some test parts I have to update this look a little more for the contest coming up. This is a custom order I did last year. I tried air dry with one of my current babies and I wasn't too pleased with the richness of the color compared to oil paint. I guess sticking with my old methods works best. Not sure?
[Image: a064d7a0-92c6-494a-9f92-7034bb92a568_zpsfb6c8419.jpg][Image: 70533aab-b7cc-45a9-b079-9f51e89b5444_zpsb6189437.jpg][Image: 2fc28527-70a6-4ea3-b09d-fd53dabd598c_zps98236ab4.jpg]

This is the air dry skin tone. I like the updates with more use of different colors. I just think my oil painting skills are better than air dry at the moment.
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I've got the Kate kit but I haven't started her yet. I really want to try an ethnic baby as I think they're adorable! I'm going to make a start this week......just checked the kit I'm going to use and I can't find the name or who it's by. I bought it 4 months ago. I'm sure someone here will be able to help, when I've posted a photo obviously.

Your Kate is gorgeous. Good luck for your contest xxx
Thanks. I won't be doing this kit for the contest though. Just looking at the difference between the oil paint and air dry paint. I have chosen to go with oil paint. I would love to see an ethnic version of this kit.
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sooo cute

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Andama Dujon

Lovely skin tone.
Thank you Andi! xo

(05-28-2014, 06:13 PM)reborndollsperth Wrote: Lovely skin tone.

Thank you. xo
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