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just talk
Hi all, just wanted to talk. I just received a vintage doll I am in the process of restoring. Kinda excited about it. She is in rough condition but every step I take as I work on her is a labor of love.
She is going to take a while to fix as someone took what I think is a pair of pliers to her and worked her over. Broke in many places.
I find myself singing without realizing it as I am working on her. No way to tell how she is going to look until I am finished.
I know you ladies would like to see but nothing to show but broken parts right now. When she is done down the road I will have to make a decision if I am keeping her or selling her. Will see.

PS. do any of you know of a way to delete ones own old post. I have a couple I would like to delete if possible.
Would love to see photos of your work in progress and I am sure so would would others on this forum.

you should have a delete button on the bottom of the posts if not just let me know

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I am looking forward to seeing pics of your work in progress too. That is great that you're enjoying fixing her up. Keep doing what makes you happy and I'll keep my eye out for the finished result Smile
don't forget to take pictures of the " bits" before and after you have put her together we will look forward to seeing them - on BB we love photos of babies
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