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Just how bad are seconds?
Can somebody tell me exactly how bad a seconds kit is?

I want to get one so I can practice rooting hair and painting BUT I don't want to buy one if there is like a massive bubble on the face or knee.. or something else!
Seconds are usually okay, they would be good to play round with when when learning

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I had a Sera by Marissa May seconds kit and I can't even find the fault with any certainty. All I can see is two minute black pinprick spots, one on top of the head and one behind a limb, which won't even show once she is painted. I'd give it a go!
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

If you are talking about Bountiful Babies seconds then go for it. I have purchased a couple and as Caroline says, you can barely even find any defect on them. I've bought many a full priced kit with more defects/marks.
Sharon Barnard
Reborn Baby Dolls created in Adelaide, South Australia

Please visit my Website

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Good to know ladies, good to know.

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