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Joke, Laugh for today- Good for the soul
Some of you may have heard this joke but it made me laugh when I heard it so I wanted to share it. Excuse me if I don't get it just right for those of you who have already heard it.

There was this man speeding in a modern car. He looked like he was dressed well to do. As he drove he kept increasing his speed once he saw a policeman behind him that appeared to be chasing him. He increased his speed up to 60 then 80 then 100 miles an hour before the policeman was able to catch and stop him. When the policeman did stop him he asked the man why he was driving so fast. The man told the policeman his wife had run off with a policeman recently and he thought he was the policeman she had run off with that was trying to bring her back. The man told the policeman he was just trying to get home before that could happen.
that's actually funny

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Andama Dujon


Thanks for the smile this morning!!!!
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