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Jenny Gannon???
Have any of you ladies come across this lady? Jenny Gannon??
I'm on a Fb forum for my other dolls and the she has been banned from it.
I always like to give peeps the benefit of the doubt. But from what has been done and said not looking good at all.
Lot of ladies warning about her.
It's a right pickle of affairs:/

Just thought I would ask you girlies if you have heard anythingSmile

Brig xXx
I have heard of her and what she gets up to so I would be avoiding her like the plague,

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I have heard the name and nothing good!
Here is an example
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

That is shocking!!!!
it's just she has been asking lots of questions how to do this that and the other. Her English is terrible even tho she studied in USA. I no mine is bad to tho lol.
She wanted me to make her a doll and wanted lots of my clothing.
I spent nearly 3 hours going through her likes and comments, like, is this that and this for sale.
A few girls said they have ordered stuff and never got it of her.
She was reported to have over 42 Fb and other sites too.
I will avoid her thanks Andama. Tis really sad what people do.
Looks like her name is known every where.

Brig xXx
OMG her facebook page says it all I think:

I would stay well away hun
Yes heard of this one alright , surprized she is still around, so many people no of her now x
EEE I'm shocked only heard about her yesterday.
Seems like she has a very bad reputation all around the world.

Brig xXx
Wow that facebook page is something else!!! but it sounds like a whole lot of people still believe her... :-(
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

BAD NEWS stay away!
Thank you ladies, I had never heard of her myself, but then not on fb much myself
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