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Jealousy and Dolls
I am so surprise no one has ever written a book about the jealousy that exist among doll collectors and the evil things some of these people/collectors do in the pursuit of doll buying and selling.

I have been collecting for approx 2 decades and have seen and felt as well as been a victim to many of these acts from these people.

When I think of a doll, I think of some thing sweet and cute that brings a smile to my face. The problem is when you look behind the curtains the dealings that go on are horrible. Evil and mean tactics that produce lies, back stabbing and greed all because of various people/doll collectors who want it all and dont care who or what they have to do or say to get what they want.

It is really sad because when all is said and done none of us can take one doll with us when we leave this earth. The only thing that people remember about each of us is how kind/good or evil and mean a person was regardless of what is put on their head stone.

I am not going to go into pacifies here and recount many of the evil things I have witnessed but just know that underworld exist and is never talked about just like many of the other bad things in the world are never talked about but are in fact are going on.

Maybe some day someone will write a book about it and tell the truth about doll collecting and it is not all peaches and cream like one is lead to believe.
I think there is a kind of nastiness with most crafts and any form of art really. Some artists are not able to embrace other peoples abilities or admire their skills but I feel this is because they are very insecure about their own skills.
I have also found those who judge do not like to be judged and they can be very nasty.

It is easier to ignore such people especially those with the greater than thou attitude as they really are a blight on their life and only have power if it is given to them. The doll world is possibly one of the worst for bringing out the bitch but I think it is because this is a very expensive art form and many get into it thinking they will get rich or even famous (lol)
from making reborns. Once they realize they are a small fish in a big pond things often change for them and of course it is mostly about money as are most things.

Let them live their miserable lives and delete them from yours .

Dolly hugs
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Andama Dujon

Good answer Andi!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Blinded by the light, let the truth be told regardless of what nerves it might hit. Smile
Perfectly put Andi.

Example of nastiness

Doll show two weeks ago, had 3 dolls for sale - not expensive - one stall holder was talking to me and said R & S ( two other stall holders ) are ruining it for the rest of us by selling loads of cheap dolls ( she was of course including me in that ) I said its up to each individual what they sell their items for, if they want to settle for less profit and more sales then so be it, thats what I prefer to do, sell more so I am always busy and have orders, she huffed and said " but your mad " my reply,
* takes one to know one " and then wondered off.
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I make other kinds of dolls which I sell in my shop or the markets and they are very cheap compared to other peoples but the bottom line is I still make good profit and people can afford my stuff. I like the McDonalds theory ( low profit high turnover) works well for them and me lol.

I agree that it is up to each artist no matter what they make as to what they charge.
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Andama Dujon


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