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It's twins....
OK so I need some advice... Love the peaches and cream look and decided that is my style... but am unsure if these are finished or if they need more pink red... around the elbows... knees and a bit more mottling?
I am afraid that I will ruin them with the mottling... I have added many very subtle layers of mottling...
What do you think?

[Image: Screenshot2014-12-21at94159PM_zps190249f9.png]
HuGs KiM
Just from what I can see, I like them as they are. What sculpts are they if you don't mind me asking? They are very cute. Can't wait to see them completed.
They are beautiful---pale----but very nice. How big are they? Can you let us know what sculpts you used, they are precious. Can't wait to see them put together and dressed, will they be a girl and boy or?
Thanks ladies... yes aren't the kits adorable... they are premies Mavie and Julie by Evelina Wosnjuk... yes will be a boy and girl - girl asleep and boy awake.... (not real cheap but really nice kits to work on) approx 17" I did them with new Mirical Blend air dried paints. I love the way they go on!
PS Kits are not really light just the kits in the bg are too dark and in the shadows... not sure what I am doing with them! Lol
HuGs KiM
Beautiful twins, love their skin! x
[Image: forumlogo15_zpsgacc9kxd.jpg]
OK so split the vote and decided to add a little subtle mottling... love the result thanks for your input... here is the result... now just have to wait for it to cure so I can add the MB skin booster!!!

[Image: TwinsMBKiM_zpsa41b693e.jpg]
HuGs KiM
Love the result!!! Beautiful.
Well they are really lovely. You have come a long way in a year. Congrats! Don't forget to post them completed!
They are gorgeous and the sculpts are adorable. Can't wait to see them all done and dressed.
Thanks ladies... pretty pleased with the result so far... Lynn you are observant... or did I say that I had only been doing this for under a year... I am using miracle blend air dried paints for the first time and they are really nice to work with... I also adore the kits so that doesn't hurt either... I will be sure to post pics of the finished result but is a way off as I have to wait for glass eyes and filler... I am all out of it
... oh and the hair I have to root the hair... groan... lol
HuGs KiM

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