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I'm loosing it
Ok girls nobody else does stupid things Huh? :-)
Well I'll be honest and share.
Last "night" I drove up to mt mother-in-laws just up the hill. Well... I got out of the car and went to step and you know how when you get something on the bottom of your shoe you can kind of feel the lump? Well I did so I scaped my foot and went to walk but it was a big lump (feeling) and dark out so I figured I would get it when I got in the house coat room. I walked in and looked down and I had not only a blak and a brown flip flop but one was a flat and the other was a wedge. My little Italian mother-in-law laughed so hard that I hadn't noticed walking to the car I thought she was going to pee. (she's 88 that happens). She said "Oooh Judy I can always count on you making me laugh". I'm glad to oblige but not at the expense of my "Olds timers" LOL. I swear everyday that goes by I just sit and in wonder, What was God thinking when He made me? He probably does too. :-)
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The funny thing about that story is we possibly all have one pretty close to it ROFL.

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Andama Dujon

I know but I'm the only one telling it, come on guys how many of you have ever done something like that. We all need a laugh or at least a smile.
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Ok i will confess daughters and i were walking in the mall a couple of weeks ago.It was our first really hot day i was so happy tobe warm i had a sundress and flip flops on.all of a sudden i step and hear a pop i look down and my flip flop has broken so i'm trying to hobble,and slide my foot so it stays on the thong. Well being teenages my daughters start laughing and basicall rolling on the floor i'm trying to keep my head up,and keep my pose while doing a slide,hobble thing.Anyway so dont feel alone i still have major woops moments.Arent we suppose to get to grow out of it???????
Oh I can see it too, all with dignity, right??? LOL
Ya but haven't you noticed we grow out of it and with age we grow back into it. It's a life cycle thing I guess. My mother use to say " old age,wrinkles gray hair and weak bladders, drooping body parts and so forth are all God's plan to make us look forward to death. :-). Otherwise we wouldn't move over for the younger ones. So I'm dying my hair wearing contacts mini pads, support bra's and everything else I can to fight the plan. I usually don't bark against authority but this is one time I'm barking and growling, I don't think He'll mind. LOL!
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lol JUdymae that absolutly cracked me up I can just picture your mother inlaw hehehe

Cheri I have done that sooooooooooooooo many times I am now to the point i just take the flip flops off and walk around till i come to a shop that sells them and buy a new pair lol
hugs gayle
Ok no more flip flop stories you jinxed me. I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and as we were waling into the store the front of my flip flop folded under and dragged making me look like one large was 6" longer than the other as I slowly dragged it back and did this all while pushing my cart and acting like nothing happened.
As the saying goes "you can dress her up but you can't take her out".
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