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I finally took Marley out!
Okay, so not soo funny but i thought i'd shair...
So, I started off with a car seat, just carrying Marley around in it, and we went to build a bear. One of the woman came up to me and asked me how much he weighed when he was born, so I explained he's a reborn. She told me she has a regular costmer that makes and sells reborns, and she gave me the website adress! I went on there and it turns out that she owns a shop just two bus trips away from me, so I'm going up there next Saturday with Marley and my best friend. I also managed to get a buggy for him, and he looks soo cute!

We found a spider in the buggy so I picked him up and held him, then an onld couple came to see what the problem was, the wife asked me how old the baby was because he looked really small, and i told her he was a rebor, she seemed fine with him and didn't mind that her wasn't real she looked at him and i think she liked him Smile

Thanks, Kayleigh x
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Little Jacob
How fantastic you found an artist so close to you and more fantastic that you are going to actually visit her. Soooo take photos and tell us all about it as I personally will be waiting with baited breath.

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Andama Dujon

I love taking them out after I finish one and it has gotten so people look for me in the big shopping centers and I have people that know I always have one in my car and ask who I brought, can they see them or I have someone I want to go get to see. I would say over 90% of people just love them now and want to know all about them. Good for you it gets easier believe me.
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I love taking my Bella out often. Especially on the bus, I have a carseat and a stroller, and it's gotten to where everytime I have her in the carseat and the stroller with me, I get helped on the bus by other riders and even the driver! There's a friend that Bella's daddy and I take Bella to, the first time the friend saw her, she fell in love with that little cutie. Now, the friend wants a reborn, and she found one she loves, when she gets her check from a doll company she's had troubles through, we're going to take her all the way up to layton, which is where the reborn baby is, so she could pick her new baby up.
Jackie of Heaven's Delight Nursery

My girls, Rose, CeeCee, sera, bella, and mariella
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Sounds like fun.
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