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How to value a doll?
I have absolutely no plans of selling my first reborn but imitate rested in how much she is worth, I guessed this would be the best place to find out how to value her. This came about after I've seen many dolls her size who I don't think are terribly realistic and are selling for quite a lot, anyway any hell would be great.
Thank you!
condition is very important and of course you need all the details such as the artist which is also important and sculpt.

Reborn dolls don't generally sell for much second hand and although it is often stated that they will increase in vale that is not in fact the case r very very seldom and generally there is a reason as to why they have increased in value. Untouched kits gain more in value if they are the right kit.
You would have to post some photos to have it valued with all the details.

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Andama Dujon


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