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Honey (Donna Rupert) - Finally Complete!!!
Hi all, its been like forever...... (but lets not go there... lol)

So i finally got my Baby sisters Baby finished!!!! yes i did it! - my first big baby too - it was a little awesome getting cuddles lol (kinda brought back memories of my little ones being that size lol)

anyway... here she is after i thinks it been 3 very long years..... lol
[Image: 10696368_10152973524819271_2911643348757786224_n.jpg]

[Image: 10500360_10152973524374271_382514920841027806_n.jpg]

[Image: 1507807_10152973524754271_5162498747500096560_n.jpg]

[Image: 10377289_10152973524559271_3479425374380467493_n.jpg]
(he was in shock at first at the baby in the room! lol)

Now to Pack her all up and post her down to her new mummy! Just in time for Christmas!

can anyone else see blue ? boxes?? or just me???

(if you can what have i done???)

Alll fixed now Smile
Crazy mum to 5 real born babies, photographer, uni student, and a bunch of other stuff and now a reborner!
Lovely work and welcome back to the art. Hope we see more of your babies.
Welcome back... love this art... she is a cutie... the last pic is priceless!
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
she is a cutie

you have been pinned

you have been blogged

Cute little the pic with your son!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]

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