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Hi from the UK
Hi, I'm Fiona and have just started reborning a few months ago. I have 4 children, 24,21,12 and almost 4 year old.
I have been looking at reborns for years and loved them but never bought one then I thought why don't I try making them instead. I am on my 4th one now. The first one was ok but I wasn't happy with the hair. The second one I actually sold and the third I'm finished but having trouble with the body ( which I am going to be asking about ) and the 4th I have just started. I love the feeling when the baby is finished. Hope to get some good advice from everyone, as I feel a little alone when I have questions about reborning. xx
Hi Fiona, welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will get all the help you need here! Smile You will have to post your finished babies for us to see!
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Hi Fiona and welcome to the forum, its a friendly helpful forum so ask away.
A good rooted head can take hours and hours, planning it can take a good white
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Thanks for the welcome. Glad I finally found somewhere to chat about reborns. :-)
Hi Fiona and welcome to baby banter,

I discovered years ago that the only silly question was the one that was not asked so, throw them out there and we should be able to help as we have a very clever bunch of people on this forum. lol

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Andama Dujon

Hi Fiona,
You're very welcome here on this forum. I have not long been a member myself and am thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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