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Hi from Missouri :)
Hi everyone. I'm Jourdi. I live in Missouri, USA. I actually live in the southern part of it, so I'm always watchin' out for tornados, lol.

I've been collecting dolls for as long as I can remember, although I have no actual reborns yet. I tried making one years ago, but it was an epic fail. I have five Duck House dolls, a berenguer baby, a paradise galleries baby, some porcelains and lots of others.

Outside of dolls, I love anything art related. I also really love dogs. I am in college majoring in pre-health-medicine to become a veterinarian. Anyway, I guess that's enough about me. I feel like I wrote too much, lol.

Nice to meet you all. Smile
Hi Jourdi and welcome to Baby Banter.

I actually had to look up Duck House dolls lol

Nice to have you here

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hi Jourdi!!

Welcome to our group!!! Would love to see some pix of your collection!!

I LOVE dogs too...especially the BIG ones...although at this
time I only have 2 little Jack Russells!!! cool that you're gonna be a vet!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]
Hi Jourdi, welcome to the group, I love dolls too, but reborns are my favourites. Once you have bought one you will be hooked lol. I hope you find this group interesting and enjoy looking at all the beautiful reborn babies!
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Welcome to our group Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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A warm welcome to our lovely group, I too would love to see pics of your doll collection. I am a lover of dogs myself
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Hello! You need a Reborn in your collection!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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hi and welcome
T T F N......Ta Ta for now, :-) luv vicky x
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I love big dogs too, although I'm a sucker for any dog. I once saw a great big mastiff in a pickup truck, and I wanted to pet him so bad. But he was too shy. My biggest dog is about 45 lbs (20 kilograms).

I need to take more pics of my collection, but here are a few of my dolls. From left to right: A Native American boy (not sure who makes him), my 20" Lots to Cuddle Asian berenguer baby (newest), the tiny baby is Jack (Paradise Galleries), and the little blonde girl is one of my Duck House dolls. She's not in her original clothing right now.

[Image: 2wqvr85.jpg]
Thanks for sharing the photo

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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