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Hi - don't be gentle - I can take it!

So I've been working on my Sofia kit. I've taken few pics with my phone. I could use some advice on what I should work on.

Please be honest (even brutal if you want) in your assessment. I will try to take additional photos tomorrow during the day (today was overcast and dark all day) and hopefully the coloring might be easier to see. At the moment, in these pictures, she looks so pale and I am wondering if I should just add some blushing pretty much all over her body. These photos were taken in the evening though so my fear is that by adding all over blushing, she'll end up being too red. Again, I'll try to take some pictures during the daylight hours and see what you think.

She's still in pieces, I just used the blanket to get an idea of how she's coming along.

Please comment with your hints, advice, etc!

Thank you!

[Image: newbabyface.jpg]

[Image: newbaby3.jpg]

[Image: newbaby2.jpg]

The previous images are straight from my camera. The following image I used photobucket's "autofix" feature and it seems to have fixed the photo. I would say that on my monitor the picture below is a more accurate representation of the colors I'm seeing in real life with the exception of the lips - the lips are showing to be more red here than on the baby....on the baby they are a dark pink.

[Image: newbaby1-1.jpg]

So I'll get the ball rolling:

*Even though I did shade all the little creases, it doesn't look like I did anything to them at all.

*The limbs look like they could use a little more color to them in general, especially the tops of the feet.

Those are just a couple of the things I can see right off the bat when looking at photos but when looking at the baby in real life, it seems like it has more color.

Again, I'll try to take some photos in daylight to better scrutinize, but in the meantime, I'd still love to have some feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

P.s. Even if you're new to reborning and don't know "how to fix" something but you notice something that could be improved, please mention it! I welcome all comments.

[Image: silvery_moon_small.png]

Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

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The blushing looks good in the last photo but honestly it is little hard to tell because of the size.
When making our first babies we either over blush or under blush so what you are feeling is not new.

I think she is coming along well and I hope that you are doing the happy dance when you look at her because if she was my first bub I sure would be.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Thanks Andi!

LOL I have to admit that even though I've tried to stay objective, I'm starting to be like one of those proud mamas that tries to show pictures of her kids to every stranger she meets.


Of course, rooting may change all that roflmao!
[Image: silvery_moon_small.png]

Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

Be sure to visit my website!
you've had it your addicted ROFL

I do the happy dance every time I finish a new baby

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I'd be really proud too, Sharla, if she was my first babe.

It may be that you finish her off now, and she will be your learning model for all future babes simply because you reborned her yourself.

I've been rooting a head for the past 6 weeks, pulling out as much as I'm putting in, so yesterday morning I decided that's it, I'm gluing the hair inside so I can't fiddle any more!!
You may have to resort to that approach too!!
Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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Thanks so much for the compliments! Even though she's far from perfect I can at least say I've seen a lot worse on ebay from people who claim to be experienced artists! If my rooting tool doesn't actually get here tomorrow, I'm going to start painting my 2nd Sofia kit. I'm going to try to follow the Tinkerbell DVD and just try to find a comparable mixture to her burnt umber/raw umber mixture she does.

I have raw umber and charcoal black but I'm guessing the black will be way too harsh.
[Image: silvery_moon_small.png]

Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

Be sure to visit my website!
From what I can see, I think your Sofia is looking good Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

[Image: newlogo.jpg]
Thanks Kate! I know you've worked with this sculpt before. I may need some help putting her body together at some point...mainly with the filling. Glass beads in limbs about to the knee (?) i think and then topped with fiberfill and hole sealed shut? Arms filled with glass beads to elbows, topped with fiberfill and sealed?

I'm guessing I have awhile since I've not even received my rooting tool yet Tongue

Although I'm afraid of screwing up my first - so I might leave her as a baldy and just move onto painting and rooting the 2nd Sofia kit.
[Image: silvery_moon_small.png]

Reborn doll artist Sharla Field

Be sure to visit my website!
YAY! She looks lovely! Did you blush her little knees, elbows and cheeks? Girl, she looks so incredibly soft and lovely ~ well done! Big Grin

It's up to you as to how much beads you put in, but that's about how much I put in with Rosie (arms and legs). Are you putting beads in head and body? Then I just put the fill in the limbs and added the plugs, but those came with the kit. Some kits have them, some don't, but silicone (I'm probably spelling that wrong) will seal just fine! Is Sofia considered a preemie or newborn? I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to look her up Tongue Long day today.

You're doing great ~ keep it up, our little reborn padawan Wink (listen to me - like I'm some sort of expert! Tongue)
[Image: LaurieMarie.jpg]
~Laurie Marie~
Be My Baby Nursery
Oh I think she is looking great especially for your first Bub.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]

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