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Here, There & everywhere
Australia wide

[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111525PM_zpsea115a9a.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111517PM_zpsf4a5e394.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111414PM_zpscf4d43a7.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111405PM_zps05f132f7.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111205PM_zps20999e2f.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111150PM_zps9b6c4f90.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111140PM_zps43d29fd6.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111119PM_zpsf2d6b1a1.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111054PM_zps1a707caf.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111025PM_zps632eec80.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at111013PM_zpsa27899e0.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110957PM_zps510b805e.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110947PM_zps99d15e9a.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110914PM_zps4e039e0c.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110851PM_zpsd22c2bf2.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110843PM_zps5e46fdca.png]
[Image: Screenshot2013-05-03at110823PM_zpsf07f1058.png]

We do live in a beautiful country don't we? Thanks Andi - sometimes it is nice to view shots like these. We haven't had a holiday for so long - its good to be reminded what we have out there.
Not that I'm complaining, we live near a forest and have an abundance of kangaroos & birdlife nearby. So I do get to enjoy beautiful scenery and wildlife without having to go away.
I love Australia! We are very blessed to live in a beautiful part of Oz and we have the beach 10 minutes away, a waterfall and fresh water rockpools only a 5 minute walk away, and gorgeous forestries all around. I would love to see pictures of other members home towns from all over the world.

Here is a photo of one of the rockpools close by-

[Image: c6994d07-80b8-449c-b9fb-e77a317a9f2c_zps965fa07d.jpg]

Here is our beach-

[Image: f2393551-cd7c-44b2-b0f7-90ce37f13f15_zps5ec2ee7e.jpg]

Here is our bushwalks-

[Image: 17f2fab1-94de-41be-bf19-f333ea08b092_zpsd181ef34.jpg]

And these following photos are of Nth Stradbroke Island where we went for our holiday last year. I basically grew up on this Island as my mum drove the barges and ferries across to the island from the mainland. It was great to share a piece of my childhood with my family-

[Image: cb443af6-9f84-4aef-91a3-397a93d90669_zpse518cb1d.jpg]

[Image: dfb81f00-e7eb-401f-916d-1a6468fc4dff_zps184dc787.jpg]

[Image: 977d7175-426a-43fa-a5dd-868945f0a81c_zps78bd98e5.jpg]

[Image: 7f95ba87-5581-4f09-ac56-399c57024e56_zpsc0caa77e.jpg]

And here is my husband & son who was almost 2 running down a giant sandblow on Stradbroke island-

[Image: 2a375bad-ee1d-412b-825a-9baf0f678320_zps5bd429e2.jpg]
Tamara from 2 Little Birdies Reborn Nursery.
[Image: 2littlebirdiessignaturenofacebook_zpsa9c5639e.jpg]
Wow, great pics, and thanks for sharing Andi and Tamara!
Jayne xx
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Tamara I love your photos they are great thanks for posting them

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

stunning pictures ladies thank you xx
That's ok Andi, I'd love to see picture of where everyone else lives. I'm always looking for new places to holiday Smile

On the same holiday as the Straddie one, we spent a week down your way Andi. We stayed at Fingal Heads and Hastings point and we even took a trip out to Murwillumbah looking for an indoor play centre that turned out to be a church so we bought cupcakes and went to the big park in the center of town and spent the afternoon there. I am still trying to convince hubby to move to Fingal Heads but he was born and bred on the Sunshine Coast and will probably never leave here.
Tamara from 2 Little Birdies Reborn Nursery.
[Image: 2littlebirdiessignaturenofacebook_zpsa9c5639e.jpg]
I had a house at Fingal heads but when we get the storms the road gets covered in water and if you don't have a our wheel drive you are not going anywhere.
The road is known as a finger as it has the river on one side and the ocean on the other and sadly flooding is a major problem as most of fingal is low lands.

It is a lovely place but it get too busy on the weekends with the surfers, fisherman and boats and hundreds of people using the waterways and i like to have a quiet place to live especially when I am home. There are many holiday homes there so the weekends and holidays for me were awful lol

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

lovely photos!

Here is the beachfront at Hervey Bay which is just a block from us, we love to walk along the path in the late afternoon

[Image: 032_zps21954a49.jpg]

[Image: 035_zps0a95b834.jpg]

[Image: 031_zps34ddfdd3.jpg]
Stunning Pics ladies, thank you so much for sharing. A beautiful country indeed
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