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Help me, I'm new!
Hello! My name is Cosette and I am extremely new to everything Reborn.
I recently saw my first Reborn on a suggested YouTube video and have not been able to stop watching since. I knew instantly that it'd be the absolute perfect therapy doll for me.
That said, the reason I am here is to get a better understanding of what exactly I want in a Reborn doll as well as an idea of the cost so that I may start really scraping the pennies and dimes!
My husband and I are to not have children of our own. My uterus leans against my spine causing enough discomfort as is without carrying a baby. Also, my mother has had cancerous ovaries. Both of our family lines carry depression and alcoholism. (Though we personally don't drink much, we do get very addicted to things quite easily.) We are a young married couple (Sept. was our 2nd wedding anniversary) of 25 and 26. We are enjoying the alone time together very much, though we both have such strong parental instincts. We constantly have baby fever since all of our friends either have babies or are having their babies soon. It's been putting us both into a deeper existential depression. How are our friends affording to have kids when we barely even have enough for food and bills?? So that's just another tick to the list, we won't bring a baby into a world we can't even afford. All that aside, the earth is burning and we hope to be able to adopt farther down the line. There are too many children in the world (which is dying due to climate change) to justify bringing another life into this world. So a Reborn would be perfect for us. I think it would help our depression and anxiety over not having a child together.
Anywho, please send me all the advice and information you think may help. Thank you so much, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and are on their way to attain their dreams!!
Ebay is  good place to start looking as you can get an idea of prices on there

Take your time and do research

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Andama Dujon


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