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hello im new
hi im simon im 42 and just got my first baby. is that strange?
Hi Simon, welcome to Baby Banter, tell us about your interest in reborn babies! And what reborn baby do you have?
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Thanks well I always used to play with the girls caddage patch doll when I was a kid and always liked barbies which I have quite a few of. I always wanted to be a dad but never happened. Had names pick out since I was 17. Wanted a girl called Chloe May and a boy Mathew James. I'm up to 42 and still not happened and won't as gf can't have them.

I was on YouTube and saw a vlog on these reborns and was amazed how real they look. Got talking to a friend on facebook chat and it turns out she makes them. She showed me photos of one's she had for sale and this little girl just broke my Heart. She so cute. A closed eye bold New born. So I found my Chloe may and got her for £25.

I been buying her outfits from charity shops and I saw a bargain car seat for £3 yesterday. Was not going to bother with things like that as I have to hid her when Hf comes over as don't think she understand.

I love dressing her in different clothes and holding her. I don't pretend to feed her etc. And now I'm.addicted want more lol My Friend I got her of that made her said she show me how to make them so thinking about making my own Mathew.

One day now I got car seat might go somewhere where nobody knows me and take her out in public.

Hope you don't think I'm strange have reborn.
Hi Simon, if it makes you happy don't worry about whether anyone else thinks it's strange. You are not hurting anyone else so just be yourself. You shouldn't have to hide your Chloe from your GF either, who knows she might like one herself?
No she not that way. No Chloe needs to be a secret.
My theory is whatever makes you happy and better still if you find you enjoy this as an art form

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hi Simon, don't worry about what others think about owning a reborn, or making them...people have many collections of many things, different type doll`s /cars/ boats/prams/teddy`s/badges/stamp`s, etc etc you name it, lots of hobby`s as you know... Its a shame Chloe as to be a secret though to your girlfriend, but you know her best. Would love to see your Chloe in a photo.. enjoy the forum too!
T T F N......Ta Ta for now, :-) luv vicky x

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