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Hello.. from Tasmania.. again
I'm Tammy.
My of 7 children, and Mummy of 4 reborns.
I am from Tasmania.
I was once a member here but left and downsized my reborn collection, but I have recently started collecting again.
I have 2 reborn boys & 2 reborn girls & a boy on the way :-D
I have Charlotte, Lochlan, Josie & Ned in my collection at the moment.
I also bought a lovely Pedigree pram just recently to put my babes in.

My eldest daughter is also a collecter.

...Reborn Mummy...
Mummy of 4 Reborns: Charlotte, Lochlan, Josie & Ned & one on the way Smile
Hi Tammy and welcome back to baby banter, I look forward to seeing your collections and hearing more about them

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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