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Hello from Canada
I live in a remote rural area with no tv, cell or internet reception. Finally satellite internet came to the area but it isn't reliable. That, I guess, gives me more time to make baby dolls. Raised by my grandmother who was a dollmaker I acquired some techniques early on. Until the reborn baby world began my main business was vintage and antique dolls restoration. I started reborning with Berenguer dolls way back in 2002 and seem to specialize in portrait dolls. I sell at doll shows and art & craft shows.
Hi there, nice to meet you, no tv, cell or internet reception would have most people in the UK taking up arms against the government. Look forward to seeing some photos of your work. I too do doll shows, just 2/3 a year is all I can crochet enough for plus a few reborns.
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welcome to baby banter, it is so nice to have you here, I also look forward to seeing some of your work and congratulations on finally getting the internet

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Andama Dujon


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