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Great Ebay seller
Hi just wanted to pass on some info. I am just starting out and found a really great Ebay seller. Great prices, great comunication and really fast postage. Have ordered from them a few times now and been really happy. So I thought I would pass on the details.

I have her on my watch list . Have you purchased from her and is this a recommendation from you that she is a safe seller

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Andama Dujon

Yes have purchased many things from her. Three different transactions, ALL fantastic. Once I forgot to wait for my invoice so she could combine postage, she emailed and fixed it all up and it saved me $20.
I've purchased from her. I bought hair and needles in 2 seperate transactions and was really pleased to see that I had paid too much postage and she refunded it to me. And she is fantastic on sending things fast I ordered from her Tuesday night and Wed was Anzac day and my things arrived Friday morning ... cant fault that for speed Smile
She was recommended to me by the girl who is teaching me.
Nice thanks guys I will give her a try

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

She's fantastic. Items are very reasonably priced and she has fantastic communication. Her items arrive pretty quickly too. I bought the ash blonde hair that I used on Bethany from her
x Maree x
A touch of Love Reborn Nursery
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I have purchased from her half a dozen times and usually my items have arrived the next day. She is a great seller and I will definitely buy from her in the future.

Karen xx
I have purchased from her too.
Great communication and reliability.
Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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I have purchased from her Andama, she is Natalie's (the girl who runs Dreamtime with me) mum. She is trustworthy and sends items in good time.
Yeah I am just getting started and have got most of my stuff from her. Thats why I wanted to recommend her. Super fast delivery and HONEST which is the MOST important thing to me. I paid too much postage because I checked out to soon, she fixed it up I wouldn't have even known.

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