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Gizmo :)
This a lil guy I worked on for a lady, and now a few other peeps want one too. Just hope I can do him justice three times over Smile
I had to do a lot of sculpting with this one, and make my own sewing pattern as the ones out there there didn't do him any justice.
Aww well back to grind stone as they say, I love my job Big Grin

Brig xXx

[Image: 4skh.jpg]
[Image: p86s.jpg]
[Image: li58.jpg]

[Image: smwr.jpg]
OMG!!!!!! Brig he is absolutely gorgeous. You are sooooo talented and I think your Gizmo is better than a shop bought one. My son would love one of these. I have no doubt your next few will be just as wonderful as this one. I can't get over how creative you are and your ideas are awesome.

Karen xx
Awww bless you Karen and thank you for your lovely comments Smile I tried to get him as near as possible to the real Mogwai Wink Thank u again.

Brig xXx
noooo he is too cute! I want one lol
Awww Shelly thank you Smile I will be making more of these lil guys. He started as a OOAK but a few peeps want one so will probs do a couple more Smile
And thank you again Smile

Brig xXx
wow Brigg I love your talent it is fantastic. The hands on this one are amazing

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[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

He is so cute!! IS he full bodied? I am curious what the rest of him is made out of. How are the ears attached. They don't look sculpted?
He is so adorable!! Fantastic job as usual Brigg!
Thank you Andama Smile
I sculpted his lil hands, feet, mouth and eyes as well as painting the eyes too Smile
He has jointed limbs and head. Ears are made from felt and sewn in as I sew the head.
Here is a full photo of the lil guy so you can see him in full Smile

[Image: 0td1.jpg]

Gizmo hugs xxx
Oh I just love him you have done an awesome job with him Smile
Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]


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