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Genesis paints life question
Hey all, long time, no reborning Sad.

So I was packing up my reborn stuff ready for our big move in a few weeks, and I noticed that my genesis paints seem a tad dry, (ok a lot but still soft).

Do these paints have a shelf life??? Or if not can they just be thinned out again with thinners and used again as normal??

Clearly it's been some time since I last did any reborning Smile

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They do not expire although they can become hardish depending on how they are kept.

They like to be kept in the dark and in the cool so in a draw is good.
I have had some of mine for over 15 years and they are still good. Genesis also says these paints do not expire which is what makes them so popular with all kinds of artists.

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Andama Dujon

do not put them in direct sunlight, they go so hard you will never be able to use them again, I speak from experience, left a couple of mine in the conservatory for 3 days ( forgot they were there ) and they were rock hard, even hit with a hammer and they splintered.
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