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Gender this baby!
Hi, I have had my repainted anastasia kit for a few weeks now. Before she went away she was a girl. she came back to be a boy but now I'm not sure, do you see Natalia Hermione or Oisin James?
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The pics are very small and hard to see. But I know I will say girl as Anastasia looks like a girl sculpt to me.
The photos and poses are so small it is hard to tell, but I agree with Judy - GIRL!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]
I agree with Pia and Judy....girl!!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]
Yes I too see a girl Smile but what do you think yourself ? coz that is all that counts Smile
I love reborns
I'm really unsure, I'm not binding with the baby because I'm so unsure as to who it is...
I can not really tell from the photos as they are a little on the small side and to tell the truth I am not keen on bald bubs lol

It can be both. Wink

Andrea Melo
Reborn Dolls
Reborn Babies
Bebés Reborn
Bonecas Realistas
I think it looks more like a little boy! You should keep him as a boy
Since this post is over a year old, hopefully a decision has been made by now! LOL!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]

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