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Oh Andama,that is terrible, where is the quality control, these kits arn't cheap and you would think someone would check them.

Thats good about Lyn doing that but guess she mustn't check them either before sending them out, suppose she hasn't time to.

I really hope you can find another one.

Lisa Smile

[Image: Lisa.jpg]

Actually when I rang Lyn she said she had checked the head and I checked it also when it arrived, I could not tell at all until I started the body wash so we all missed it.
The odd thing about the cut is it looks like it is on the inside coming out and not the other way around.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

That's too bad about the comp but great as far as how they are taking care of it. Didn't one of the other girls have a problem like that awhille back on an arm?
[Image: Judymae.jpg]

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