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First reborn
Last night I started work on my first reborn. I am feeling more and more critical of it, and feel like just giving up and starting again on the next kit.

Here is a photo... please bear in mind I took it last night, on my phone, and in not so good light - so it is not quite so red![Image: DSC_0015_zps387a6d8e.jpg]

I know its a bad photo, but hey... any critique is wanted!

I have yet to finish the hair - I have only done one layer in burt umber, and it looks really really auburn, and not brown. That annoys me, as it makes the head look discoloured and weird.

Also, one of the blushing layers went weird between the fingers, and looks like there is reddish pen in the creases or something. Is that fixable?

P.S. Maisie sculpt by Marissa May. It is TINY! 15 inches. Where do I buy clothes for it!?
Hiya pettal, from what I can see baby looks fine.
I think the only way you can get rid if the tiny red bits, is by putting a tiny amount of cotton wool around a cocktail stick dip into some acetone and you should be able to remove. But you may have to paint some places again to blend in.
Don't worry too much we all probably over did it with paint and other things on our first. My first looked all red and bruised lol. I just learnt to tone the colour down again.
We all learn by our mistakes, so don't let it get you down pettal. Keep going and you will get thereSmile
But if your not happy at all strip baby back with acetone and start again. Easy to doSmile

Brig xXx
if you get a paint brush and some solvent and brush the creases the red will lighten, brush and wipe and keep repeating.

If you feel the colour is not right then do some more watery layers of flesh and this will tone down the red.

You are doing fine and the bub looks good so far.

My first baby hit the rubbish bin half a dozen times lol and you will find most of us were very hard on ourselves with our first as we always have such high expectations from ourselves.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hiya, take some pics in the day time and then we can see her, I love this kit, she is small but gorgeous !! If you are painting the hair, I would recommend using either carbon black with a small amount of brown just to soften the black and a tiny amount (pin prick) of blue to remove the redness.... Umber is terrible for hair as it contains a lot of red !! As for the outfit, I buy from Baby Prem size 1 for Maisie... Xx Link below Smile
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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You really do need better pics for honest critique hunnie ..... keep your paints very thin and make sure you blend in the creases with a brush xx
She looks like a lovely kit...don't give up on her.
Re the clothes; check out Big W, Kart Mart and certainly Best and Less. They do get some premmie sizes in and they are real cute. They may not be the very best of quality but they won't be going in the wash every day will they?
I have to agree with the others. Don't give up on her, thin down your paints (more layers is a good thing), if you haven't cured use solvent if have use acetone to lighten those icky spots (i think a few thin layers of flesh usually does the trick though).

If you want more detailed critiques take your pics during the morning hours outside. Natural light brings out the details best. Good luck sweetie.

15" babies can fit in preemie and micro preemie clothes. Check local children's consignment shops for best deals, also walmart and kmart, and if all else fails go to the preemie store online.
Jeni Razoux
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I think she looks lovely inferring from the pic. I still haven't given up on my first even though it looks like it got baked under the sun lol. xx
~ Sweet baby Roo ~

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I think you are being much to hard on yourself! Lots of babies are red. I still remember when my sister, 12 years younger than me, was born. She was as red as a tomato for months. And flaky too. She was ugly and adorable all at the same time! Ha! Anyways...When my dolls are too red for my tastes I've always found giving them a mint wash to be quite successful in toning down the red. Just make sure it is really 'liquidy'. It shouldn't appear green once on the kit. But please don't give up! Every time you reborn you will learn so much more, especially in the beginning.

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