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First AA baby
Thanks Gayle. I was waiting for your feedback. I will give her a bit more blue and do a bit more shading. I haven't had time to do anything with her today. Smile
[Image: DSC_0284.jpg]

she looks beautiful ..I agree,a thin blue wash may be a nice touch.keep in mind it will darken the baby one more shade. I am a special effects makeup artist and when we colour prosthetics for film we use thin washes of the primary colours to create darker complexions usually with an air brush..try not to use too much black as it can cause an ashen complexion making the baby look dead keep in mind real (dark )skin has no black in it.Looking at the physics of colour black is the absence of hue(colour).checked with Genesis they could`nt tell me if they used black in their complexion colours.. enough of my ramble, for your first attempt the baby looks stunning.
cheers Sue-ellen xx
[Image: babies32.gif]

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Wow Sue-ellen, that must be a fascinating job Smile
~ Sandra ~

Kirby Kids Nursery
lol yeah sandra i was reading that thinking the same thing! very handy skill to have up your sleeve with this hobby! lol

bubby looks good Smile
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Really good for a first AA. I loved doing AA's. Not done one for ages. I tended to add a little brown into the lips, as AA babys have slightly brown lips, especially the bottom one I noticed, but that's just my preference.
Darkened the nose a bit, round the edge of the nose & a bit of yellow ochre shading round the jaw line. I used Brooke Nicols tutorial page for AA reborns. Not sure if it's still about, I used to have it in my other pc's faves.
Here we go
Thank you for your comments. It does sound like an interesting job. I haven't done anything on her yet since last time because we lost our dog this week and I haven't felt like doing much. I have a lot of good things to go on with when I do get back to her. Smile
[Image: DSC_0284.jpg]

So sad about your dog. We lost one of our Westies last year and one the year before. They were old but it is hearbreaking.
~ Sandra ~

Kirby Kids Nursery
One of my dogs passed away a couple of months ago and I never thought I could replace him. But last week I met someone who had puppies he was starving intentionally as he couldn't sell them. He said he'd "put them down" (putting it nicely) if they didn't sell in a day or so. Anyway, cut a long story short he ended up giving me on of the pups for free...........don't know what became of the others, but I've helped one at least.
Her name's Kaia, she's now the fifth dog I currently own and she's also the most intelligent.
However she is not the kind of breed I would ever have thought I'd own, she's a Great Dane cross Bullmastiff and judging by her feet she's going to be huge........
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She is looking really nice Karen, Love her eyes.
[Image: Judymae.jpg]
Sorry to ask, girls, but what is an AA Baby? (I know I'm stupid, I know, I know, shame on me!).

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