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Figuring Shipping Cost
Oh great! Thank you Jayne ~ yes, that advice helps plenty! ANY advice I can get from artists is wonderful Smile

LOL! Seller of a whole 3 - hey, that's a lot to a person who hasn't sold 1!!!!! Wink
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~Laurie Marie~
Be My Baby Nursery
Glad the advice was helpful and thanks for calling me an artist!!!!!
I will make you laugh though. - I was weighing a babe on my kitchen scales, as they can take quite a lot of weight, but I couldn't see what the reading said and was complaining.
My husband (who takes very limited interest in my dolls) said, here I'll look, but was none the wiser, so the both of us ended up with a torch, and crouching down to shine it through the babe's legs to read the scales!!! How ridiculous we both looked.

Hence, I go to the Post Office - no wonder!!!!!

Jayne xx
Timeless Re-creations
Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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