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Fake formula.
and i breastfed 3 of my 4 kids.

i extended breastfed all of the breastfed ones.. including my last that i breastfed to 3.5 years.

i also bf while pregnant and know the statistics on bf.

i was bottlefed as were all my sibblings due to the fact my mother couldnt breastfed, no matter what she tried.

i encourage women to breastfeed, and the fact that as a child i gave my doll a bottle and saw all my sibblings have bottles had no effect on how long i breastfed for.

the problem with lactation consultants is they reach the women too late, usually long after some have made a decision to bottle feed.

i would be really disturbed if women chose to bottle feed based on the fact they pretend to give their fake babies (reborns) a bottle.

i also was really pissed when i was in babys galore i think it was.. i was waiting for service and the sales lady was talking to a prengnat lady and her hubby. she was trying to sell them everything. she asked about bottles, the mother was adament she was bf... the sales lady tried to say well if anything goes wrong its good to know the options that are available, again the mother explained she wanted to bf, not bottle feed.

these things i think will effect a person a lot more then giving a doll with a bottle of stuff that represents milk.

besides which i market mine as a bottle of baby milk, not formula. i also personally know taht both women who bought my dolls, one is an older lady and the other has a son and wont be having more kids.

i think that at times mothers are driven to bottle feeding because of the presure to bf and the negativitiy they see and hear in daily life.
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Hi Guys,

interestin reading to say the least and I would love to put my two cents worth in, however this is not the site for that. I also have very strong views on the subject but as I said this is not the place.
There is a new website up and running which I visit and this would be an ideal place to list your points of view especially yours Cindy as I feel you would create some heated discussions.
The site is for adults only, no porn or smut but it is an unrestricted site where you can say what you like about pretty much anything.
All the same it is not for the faint hearted and appears to be run by a woman, mostly for women and as I said this type of debate is perfect for this site.
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Andama Dujon

thanks for the website.. but i hear enough of the kids bitching plus my hubbys ex and her bit.

i wont go on with my views on breast feeding here primarily because theres no point. we make dolls, that how ever beautiful they are, are just that.

certianlly the fact i bottle feed all my dolls has nothing to do with how i choose to feed my real kids.

its funny though and i have noticed this... that kids of mothers that bf... or see a baby breast feed, when it comes to feeding their doll or teddy, lift their top, place said toy in position and feed LOL

i certianally noticed this with my kiddos.

merry christmas everyone!!
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Thanks I'm thinking about trying to make one of the as a fotoprop Smile
I love reborns
This post was 8 years old! Now that is a revival!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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lol Pia

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Andama Dujon


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