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Eyebrows and Genesis matte varnish
I am new to reborning and finishing my first baby. I have read somewhere that the Bountiful Baby brow brown needs neutralizing with blue. Can anyone give their opinion on this. And I would like some advice on how to use and cure/bake the Genesis matte varnish. I've also read this can be a nightmare and I can find no instructions on curing it. Thank you for all advice
The brow brown will give a slight orange/red color if used as it is sold. Adding a touch of ultramarine blue will give you a darker brown color and kill the orange. The Matt Varnish leaves a rough texture that you may or may not like. I like the Satin a little better. The trick to the varnishes is to apply a very thin layer and bake an extra minute or two, cool and flip your pieces and bake again. Let them cool without a fan to speed cooling. If you squeeze the vinyl after 2 bakes, and it still has a chalky look, then keep baking. Good luck and welcome to reborning!
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You need to mix the matt varnish with equal amounts of thinning gel medium and you can add a tiny pin prick of ochre, mix well and with a clean wedge sponge applying a thin amount, pounce all over the vinyl and I mean pounce all over, take at 130% Centigrade for 14 minutes, this will ensure its cured. The more you pounce the finer the feel will be, if its gritty then you have not pounced enough. Hope this helps you Gilby66
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