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Emelia Toddler Doll
HELP, I am utterly devastated, for the first time ever I have melted a dolls head,
It was almost complete, I must have accidentally touched another button on the combi when setting the heat and timeing, I only use this oven for baking my dolls. I have since used the oven and it worked fine so it was my error. I am now stuck with four completed limbs and a body. Has anyone any idea what I can do to use these, is there anywhere I can buy a head separately? Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Feel so bad.
Oh no! I know you can buy head, limbs etc separately, but not sure about a toddler head. Can it not be saved at all? Sad
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Thanks for reply, no I wish it could. I was so pleased with the result I was getting. Lesson learnt to check my settings on oven more carefully. x
Contact the seller and sculptor to see if they have a head for sale. Brenda at MacPherson's might be able to help you.
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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Hi, seeing as I was so upset my husband has bought me another Emilia kit but I've also bought a head ( Katie Marie ) from City of reborn Angels so I can use the spare limbs I now have. Thanks for your help. X
Glad you got it sorted.... I have had this happen too, it's heartbreaking after all the hard work Sad
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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I can see the funny side now I've got over the shock. I'll be standing over the oven now for sure and checking the temp constantly. Thank you xx
Glad to see things have worked out (of sorts) keep us posted on your progress

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Andama Dujon

Glad all is ok! Smile
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

I will do, already started the new Emelia head she's had her bass coats so far. The oven seems ok but I must say I am nervous about it. I'm standing there for the full eight mins. Lol as if I have nothing else to do.

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