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This is an Eden sculpt I've been working on and recently just finished for a friend. I don't think I would have ever purchased this kit had someone else not selected it for me. Now, I've fallen in love and would probably buy another. I have to give her up tomorrow, but for now I'm enjoying having her around.

[Image: 20141015_224100_zps8b2ba665.jpg]

[Image: ae0e7008-eae7-4096-8f6e-83caa34aaf2a_zps4c346a4a.jpg]

[Image: 20141016_034042_zps2cb469ae.jpg]

[Image: 20141017_061632_zps1fc04def.jpg]
[Image: JennSignature_zps95d05e15.jpg]
very pretty... yes it is funny... I was given a kit that I wouldn't have because of the bulgy fish eyes... but as I worked on her I grew quite fond of her... also have seen a kit on this forum finished that I didn't like as a blank kit so bought it as well...
The longer I reborn the wider my tastes in kits go... not sure if this is good or bad lol
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
I agree she is very pretty and her new mum will adore her

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She is a little sweetie
I like what you have done to her hair and the color too. In the early part of my reborning, I purchased 3 Edens. (They were on sale at BB and you know what shipping costs are when you purchase from overseas). I can only see me doing one tho. I guess ebay will get the rest in time. I'd like to do one at least to see how my version turns out. I'm always interested to see how many different versions of the same sculpt end up on the market. Yours is one of the prettier ones . Well done!
She is so sweet!Well done!
Hugs, Eleonora xx

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