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Ebay user donnaducky10
I was looking on ebay just the other day when a seller was relisting her auction. She stated in the description that she had to relist cause of a non payer and she even listed the non payers name. I was surprised, I didn't know they could do that. I thought how sad is it that these people commit to buy then flake out. So irritating. I have sold many things on ebay, and so far I've been lucky. Knock on wood. I hope it stays that way. Smile
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ebay is playground for idiots these days and many buyers like to waste a sellers time.

I dont sell on ebay and never have but I hear endless stories about the problems some sellers have

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Andama Dujon

I agree with you Andi. When it comes to ebay and my personal experience, i have more problems with the sellers. I purchased a watch one week before xmas. Big Mistake, I should have known it would take too long to get here. I geuss I wasnt thinking..... I just received it and its the wrong one. So frustrated. Im about done. Sad

Take Care
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