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Ebay user donnaducky10
This person won my baby on auction but failed to contact me at all after sale and was a non paying bidder.

I.D donnaducky10
Hugs Katrina xox

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Thank you Katrina for the heads up. I could never do that to a seller. And who wants negative feedback on their page as a non paying bidder? Sad.

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Don't you just want to kill them, I am sure if I sold dolls on Ebay
and that happened thats how I would feel
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Thanks karen and sorry about that .... yes Maxina you do !! I was extremely angry thats probably why Ive rushed things a bit, eg relisting to soon & opening a case all at the sme time lol... or well ! If any conscequences I will just have to put up with them xx
I really don't understand why they do it and are doing this so much lately. Come on when you bid you have to CONFIRM your bid so they can't say it was a mistake and winning for 600. and asking to pay @00. now do these people have working brain cells or what?
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I think this non paying bidder business is what is keeping me from listing on ebay. Such a shame... there should be something legally binding when they commit to buy.... but doesn't seem to be...
Yes you should have to go through with the sale, but sadly they get a way with it. I have been pretty lucky on Trade me NZ, but there has been some traders that are buying reborns, then a couple weeks later re-selling them for a profit!! I had a problem with one of my babies selling to a lady, she changed the reborns name and clothes, put her back on, and sold it to a lady but never delivered it to her. Police could not find her, probably done this with other items I bet!! Sad
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Thats for the info. Yes it is mystifying what they get out of it, isnt it.
The worst thing is that Ebay (UK anyway) doesn't let you leave negatives for a bad buyer - you can put it in the comments box but not in the positive/negative box, so unless someone reads through all the buyer's feedback report, they will only see the 100%. I've been duped several times like this, only to find they had a history of non-payment. To add insult to injury, I once put in a non-payer's comment box that she was a non-payer (after emailing her about a dozen times, offering to cancel the transaction if she had changed her mind, and generally pleading for a response, all to no avail) - and she promptly came out of the woodwork and gave ME a negative!! I complained to Ebay who said that because her attached comment was simply 'DO NOT', they could not remove it as it was not defamatory or untrue, even though she was a non-payer!!!! So I'm now stuck with 99.8% and she carries on with her 100%! Grrrrrr!
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OMG! That would really rip ya undies lol
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