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Ebay Holding New Listings from Active Posting
I wanted to share this information for those of you who list on Ebay. Many of you may be aware of this but I was not.
Ebay may holds your new listings for 24 hours or longer before they actually shows up in the listing search for active sale. What I have noticed is that when I first list the item in the category it is there. It shows up fine but within 1/2 hour Ebay removes it for being for sale so they can index it. That is what they are calling it. In fact it is so they can review and approve it. Then they put it back up. Those that do not get approved do not go back up and Ebay never says anything.
If you ever have a listing that does not sale and gets basically no reviews its probably because the item is not really active on Ebay even though the item shows as active in the seller profile account.
To actually see what is truly for sale you need to click on your feedback number that takes you to your feedback comments page, Choose from that page "seller items for sale" The truly listed items you have available will show up. This is what the public sees. If your item is not there it is not active regardless of what your sellers page tells you.
I think this is very deceptive by Ebay because they let you believe your listing is active when in fact it is not.
I do understand that Ebay has rules in place to protect the public and them selves but in my opinion there is no excuse for deception. The listing should show pending until it is actually active instead of active when in fact it is not.

Below are reference pages on the matter.

My account is in good standing with 100% feedback. I called Ebay to find out why my new listings were being reviewed and all I got from speaking with the people over in Asia is that the sky is blue.
thats shocking, not surprised that Ebay has lost a lot of sellers, and they wonder why, I m always getting offer from they about selling, getting desperate me thinks
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That is very interesting and I have shared it to Baby Banter facebook

I don't sell on ebay but I find the stories about the site always amazing

Thanks for sharing
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