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Dog problems and dad problems/Is a dog right for me?
I've been having problems training my crazy chi/pin mix Eevee for years now, she's gotten a tad better on the leash if only because of her thunder leash which helps back foot hopping and digging in with the back feet(I wasn't lying when I said she was crazy) but she can still pull. But anyway I've been trying to work on the leave it command with her because there was a kitty and she's very enthusiastic about saying hi to kitties and we wanted her to leave the kitty alone so we could walk on but it never happened and dad berated me for a poor performance in getting Eevee to obey as I have slow reflexes due to Autism and she's super quick and can go around me. The problem is dad doesn't help me in these situations, he doesn't block her from what ever I'm trying to get Eevee to leave or helps me in getting Eevee to listen to me. All of this is making me feel like a dog isn't the best pet for me I mean Eevee will be with me until the end but I think after her I'm not getting another dog. I don't see the point if dad isn't going to help me with her training. If I do get another dog I'd either have to go the puppy route so it learns from a young age to listen to me or get an adult dog who is orientated on me and listens but I think it'd be hard to find a dog like that. *sigh* Anyway sorry for the rant I just really needed to get this off my chest and since the website that I normally rant on is unavailable at the moment I had to do it here.
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Sorry you have waited so long for a response, but there doesn’t seem to be much activity on the forum. I logged on after a month and yours is the only post. I have TWO Airedale Terriers (60 pounds and 80 pounds) and they pull on the leash if I try to take both of them somewhere at the same time, so I know your frustration. I don’t have any advice..
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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