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Does anyone sell on US ebay from Aus?
Just interested why some Aus sellers sell on US or UK ebay?Is it to set a reserve price?or to target buyers from that country?I'm not thinking about it any time soon but maybe in the do you pay your listing fees for overseas sites and are they dearer than Au ebay?Is the listing format the same?
thanks Katrina
Hugs Katrina xox

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Hey Katrina
I have sold on US ebay in the past the format is pretty much the same, the fees ebay just converts it to aud and charges you at the end of the month like they do on aus ebay.
As for why I do it well both to beable to set a reserve and trying to get my name out and known in the US so that if my partner ever decideds to make an honest woman of me (lol) and I move there I won't have to do all the hard work of starting my reputation from scratch
hugs gayle
I have discovered that it is more expensive to list on Ebay US.

The listing fees are actually cheaper but the final value fee is a lot higher, so be careful when listing on the US site!

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