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Do you watch TV while you work?
I "listen" to TV when I TV.....I dont' even know what Game of Thrones is!!!! If it is gory.....I'll never know what it is!!! LOL

I got totally freaked out watching Pirates of the Carribean and The Lord of the Rings...that little Smeagle thing gave me nightmares for weeks!!!!

I'm more of an Andy Griffith.....I love Lucy.....kind of girl!!!
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Lol Cherie, Game of thrones is very good, but if you find cute little smeagol terrifying then I would not recommend you watch it or you may never sleep again Smile
I looove I love Lucy and Andy Griffith! there is this gorgeous song I heard from Andy and one of his dates called "Down in the Valley". =)

I've heard of Game of Thrones but I haven't tried to watch it. I used to be able to handle violent shows. I certainly can't now. Unfortunately, I'm afraid of my own shadow and I get sad/discouraged pretty easily! LOL

(06-05-2013, 10:56 AM)Jo j Wrote: When I paint I need quiet, to focus on only what I'm doing.
When I do hair I set myself up in the lounge... Then I listen to lots of tv- if I look up I know I'll break a needle Wink

Me too!! Wink

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I listen to music when i'm painting my babies, don't really watch much telly in the day to be honest but i do like to in the evening, Cathy, x
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yes I am.
Don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do it will be a doco. I've never seen game of thrones, heard plently of talk about it tho. Just not into tv I guess. And can't stand soapies. Ugg! When painting or doing the hair I like to concentrate on that but can't stop the brain from wandering tho, then I manage to stab myself or make a painting boo boo. Gotta have that daylight lamp too.
I have a huge screen tv right in front of work area that is under a sky light, I watch or really listen to funny wholesome you tube stuff, love the baby stuff.
i watch tv for now or i watch my reborning dvd to learn and stuff ready for when i start on my reborn

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