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Do you watch TV while you work?
I sure do!!! I watch lots of episodes of my favorite shows. When I'm not working, I love for things to be very quiet... but having the TV on makes time fly by... or so it seems.

If you don't watch TV, what do you do?
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I have TV on when I am in the office working on the computer or in the kitchen family room working on dolls or craft and I am an avid news watcher and with cable there is always something to watch

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Andama Dujon

When I paint I need quiet, to focus on only what I'm doing.
When I do hair I set myself up in the lounge... Then I listen to lots of tv- if I look up I know I'll break a needle Wink

Joanne Elise

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I only watch TV at night, that's my relax time. I'm only able to do close work in daylight hours, even then using a daylight lamp.
I also concentrate when I paint, and that's OK, because I'm in another world then!
Jayne xx
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Reborn Doll Artist Jayne Louise
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Its so neat hearing about ya'lls creative processes. I have to have that TV in the background when I root. I think I could paint without it. I looove the painting aspect of it all, but the rooting would probably drive me mad.

Jayne ~ I also use a daylight lamp no matter what!
Jo ~ haha I wish I knew what caused all my needle breaking! It just happens so fast.
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I love to listen to music when I paint, but when I am rooting I like to watch TV, at the moment I am watching Game of Thrones episodes, which are great to root to because then I don't actually see all the gruesome bits I only have to hear them lol
I love game of Thrones

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Andama Dujon

Thank you, that reminds me I need to get the newest game of thrones!
Tamara from 2 Little Birdies Reborn Nursery.
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I love peace, but tv is on in the evenings, I listen to it more than watch it,
as concentrating on my crochet, with a small 1.25 hook and size 10 ( 2ply ) cotton
its easy to make a mistake. If its something I want to watch, I put down the
crochet. Have'nt watched "Thrones", I hear that last evenings episode for particularly
horrible, so not sure I want to watch it now,
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I homeschool my three kids. So when they are busy with their studies, I sneak off to my " baby room" until they need me ( which is often) lol. Rooting or painting hair, I do have tv on and just usually listen.
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