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difficult question
I have let someone pay a doll off on layby expecting regular payments. The problem is their "regular" payments consist of maybe $20 a month and it's been over that since the last one. They cry poor but have since bought other dolls with no sign of paying this one off. Normally I have a 6 week layby with non refundable deposit of 20%.

Should I contact them saying I'm ending the layby and will refund all of the money they have so far paid minus the 20%?
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Im in that situation my self Chris Taken a woman months to make a couple of payments
I got the chance of selling her doll for cash and have sold, have got another kit and will reborn her another when/if she pays the rest or I shall keep her couple of payments as deposit and none refundable one in my eyes
Usually payment should be completed within 12 weeks at the latest and if the payments are not happening then I suggest you email the person and give them 7 days to catchup or the doll will be resold. The amount kept is usually no more than one third the cost of the doll.

Let us know how you get on.

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Andama Dujon

Thanks for your help and advice everyone.

It has been 4 months since they first put it on layby and 2 months since their last payment. I think I'll do what you said and email giving them a week to finish payments for the doll. If I don't hear from them within that time then I'll put her back up for sale and refund all but the 20% deposit.
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Yeah I am in touch with my lady give yours a time limit.
I ask for a £50 non refundable deposit usually but let this lady split it so she has really only paid her deposit in the two payments I dont think she will expect her deposit back if she fails to finish payment on the doll, im prepared to wait a while on this one but wont let it happen again, this has been around 6months now.
Well she contacted me by email and seemed quite annoyed that I gave her a time frame. She told me she would contact me that night and let me know one way or another what she was going to do. She never got back to me. I have now emailed her asking for her details to refund her all except the 20%. I think this has dragged on for far too long now. The last deposit paid was 2 months ago and that was only $20. I had dropped the doll to lower than I normally would too. So it will be interesting to see how long it takes this time.
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I ended up refunding her the money for the baby. Thankfully I ended up finding a buyer for her too so it worked out well in the end anyway.
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Glad it worked out but I think you should make your layby conditions explicitly clear.

I do 30% non- refundable, 30% half refundable within a month and last payment within a month of the second payment. And say thetime frames are firm unless otherwise agreed.
I do have firm payment details set and they are 20% non refundable deposit with the rest being made within 6 weeks. I am a little flexible with the 6 weeks as long as regular payments are being made ( every fortnight at the longest). This lady asked if she could do a longer payment plan due to circumstances. I said that was fine and was expecting to still get regular payments just smaller amounts. The first 2 months that was fine then it dropped to monthly payments then payments seemed to stop.
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