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Dealing with jealousy
In therapy recently, I was asked a question by my therapist.
"What do you think people are most jealous of you?"
It didn't take me long to say "My art!...I do lots of arts and crafts, while others are busy with life's hum drums and bores and stressors and they can't draw two lines."

Then I came up with a thought that helped me see it in a better light.

"People get jealouse of my Art; I wish they wouldn't, because if they knew my life's story they would understand that if you put 'He' at the beginning, it becomes "Heart"'s what keeps it beating. Smile

Life may have sadness, tragety or trauma, but art makes it bearable. Smile
I love the heart idea that is magic

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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