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Colouring Sydney Australia
I love these I hope you enjoy them as well.
Sydney is always showing off with their light shows lol

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92045AM_zps81a3aade.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92039AM_zps73d42c92.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92033AM_zpsb1cab5ec.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92027AM_zps6b511ea7.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92020AM_zps01564aff.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92013AM_zps33b89f50.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at92006AM_zpsb5fc5cf9.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91959AM_zps3d38e586.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91952AM_zps158d72ae.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91937AM_zpsbb5e3d00.png]

[Image: Screenshot2013-06-01at91946AM_zps6857dc33.png]
stunning, I wonder if the people that live there enjoy paying extra on
their rates bill to pay for all this,
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city rates are pretty high, so what does everyone pay

mine are $2300 a year and I live in a village of 8000 ish people. Rates keep going up

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Sydney looks fantastic all lit up!
Our rates are close to $2000 a year, but the real worry is the electricity bills, that keep climbing and climbing and climbing! Water rates keep increasing too........and the rest....cost of living is so high!
Imagine the power cost for Sydney's lights!!

Jayne xx
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