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Collect your Logo`s here!!
Oh thank you so much i love it, will show it with pride, Cathy, x
[Image: 1152e2aa-16c0-41a6-b8d8-7a99150a659a_zps405f46c4.jpg]
(09-04-2013, 08:20 PM)judy54 Wrote: Hi all you lovely ladies at Baby Banter... I have some exciting news for everyone, especially all our loyal members who come in and post on a regular basis !!

We now have our very own (stylish) Logo for all you lovely loyal ladies out there

I designed this logo so hope you like it as much as I do .... hope you will post it on your websites, ebay auctions and even in you signitures with pride

This is how it will work and how you earn your personalised Logo

After you have posted in the forum 300 times you will become a MEMBER of Baby Banter Forum

After 750 Posts you will be a FULL MEMBER

Here is a sample of the new logo for your approval ladies .... of course yours will be personalised with your names and Nursery on

It actually says 300 for member and 750 for "full member"? Your last post to Marie said 700?

RE: Collect your Logo`s here!!
Hi Marie you will need to have 700 posts to become a member keep posting !
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]
dedication pays off lol

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon


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