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So I have made the decision to close down the Baby Banter forum and have started transferring bits and bobs across to my website, I will keep the face book page open but I am inclined to agree that people are pretty wrapped up in their own social media pages now and forums are becoming a thing of the past.  They were good in their day but all things change.

Its been fun guys and if you want o keep in touch you have my website and my facebook pages .

dolly hugs Andama

you will find me here
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Andama Dujon

Oh !! That is sad [Image: crying-fountain.gif] I do understand though ... I will keep in touch on FB xxx

Just edited to thank you for all the time and effort you have given to this forum, many of us have enjoyed over the years .. xxx
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

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