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City of reborn Angles
I placed an order with City of reborn Angles after Gayle turned me onto the place when I asked where in Australia I could get really good quality mohair.

Well the place has my vote for service, quality and value for money and lets not forget the fast postage and packaging

The hair was around $33 but seriously it is nearly a foot long, there is lots of it and the quality is amazing. I loved the way she packages the needles also.

Like most of you I buy a lot of hair and I prefer to by it in Australia and the City of reborn Angles has got to have the best I have seen to date. She has my vote and custom.

[Image: IMG_3941.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3940.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3939.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3942.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3943.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3944.jpg]

here is the link if anyone want to have a look.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Yes, Elna is great to buy from and the Susan Nagel mohair is just beautiful Smile
~ Sandra ~

Kirby Kids Nursery
You should notice a huge difference in the hair when you root with it too Andi. Its gorgeous Smile I normally buy mine from slumberland and its nice but I will just buy from Elna now after trying it recently. And it goes a long way too!
I use her mohair also and it is wonderful!!!
I like the fact we can buy it here.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Yes it is fabulous Smile I have ordered 3 lots from her and the same needles pictured as Andama.I won't buy anywhere else at the moment love it!
Hugs Katrina xox

[Image: BlankBKRNTag2013.jpg]
Facebook:Blissful Kissables Katrina Shield
I ordered needles and mohair from there last week. gorgeous hair, fantastic service. Elna phoned me to let me know the needles weren't in but still sent my other items. I buy there alot Smile

Cherie Smile
Cherie Ann Smile

Berry Cute Babies
I have bought some Susan Nagel mohair from the UK, but I didn't get that much and long hair..... and paid a lot, of course. Sad

Andrea Melo
Reborn Dolls
Reborn Babies
Bebés Reborn
Bonecas Realistas
I am using Susan Nagel now on Krista and its amasing I just love it ... like you Kylie I use Slumberland and Delta Dawn both great, but Susan Nagels is supurb xx
Ive ordered from her and just love the hair I got..shes a lovely lady to Smile

Lisa Smile

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