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Christine Woolley Painting hair system
Well had a go last week by doing the first painting, but my friend who is also following the book will be away for two weeks, so will wait until she gets back.   I bought this blonde set early in the year, stayed in its box until she has a doll ready to do.    You cannot buy spare anywhere in the world now, they are all out of stock, so Christine is sending them to me, but its £25 to post then will have customs on top of that, seems to be as problem with getting the paints apparently.   The book is excellent and shows and tells you how to proceed, just hope mine looks something like its supposed to.   Will let you know.

Anyone else tried this Hair Painting system?
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I haven’t tried it, but I am hoping someone can figure out how to make it happen with GHSP..
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I dont like painted hair but good luck with mastering it and honestly I do not think you will have any issues as you are pretty talented

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