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Childhood Doll
My mom and I thought it would be fun to search "the studio" (a little room we use for storage), and I came across my childhood favorite doll. I was looking her over and I noticed something.

Her little feet still have (most of) the little manicure I did on her when I was first trying to learn to reborn. She's not a reborn, but I was giving all of my dolls manicures at the time. A wave of nostalgia just came over me after seeing that.

Thought I'd share. I'll try to get pictures of her and the manicure to share.
What a lovely find, look forward to seeing some picture of her. We moved about so often when I was a child, dad in the Forces, that a lot of our items were thrown away or given away, did have a doll that I was talked into given my niece, but she let her daughter have it and it was broken before long, annoyed me so much as had had her since I was 7 she would have been 65 this year, and no doubt long thrown out, still think of her sitting in her basket chair in my bedroom all those years ago. So wish I had not been talked into giving her away.
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I'm sorry about the loss of your favorite doll. I was holding onto the doll of my childhood friend so that I could give it to her child. Unfortunately, by the time her child was born, the doll had already been lost in a move. I felt a bit guilty, but she hadn't actually expected the doll back and might not even remember it. Her doll, Annabel, was "best friends" with my doll, Lilibeth.

This is Lilibeth. She needs to be cleaned and dressed in a new outfit. The company is sending us a new airbag and neck tie (because apparently she's guaranteed for life) so I can repair her tummy. I think the airbag she has popped several years ago. Don't know what happened to her clothes. I used to have several newborn outfits that she fit nicely in. She even wore socks and shoes my mom probably found on sale.

[Image: P1020484.jpg]

This is her little pedicure
[Image: P1020485.jpg]
awh lovely that you've found your childhood doll, Jourdi. Pedicure was quite good too. Love her name and I hope you enjoy spending some more time with her.

Threads I too had my favourite doll, a tiny tears...I called her Adele after a friends sister I met, Lol... I had her from about 7 yrs old and ley my daughter have her when she was around 5yrs old.. so that made my Tiny tears around 22 years old, (not sure with my maths, Lol,) all was well until maybe a year or too on and my niece came to play and broke my Tiny tears...awful isn't it, when were children and attach our feelings to our dolls and something happens to them. I keep looking a tiny tears now and if I ever drop on one cheap I will probably buy it. I had some smaller dolls an eskimo, well 2,one dressed in red and 1 in brown, I found the same dolls on ebay a few years ago and bought them, so i have them again now, not mine but same, Lol.
T T F N......Ta Ta for now, :-) luv vicky x

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