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charity auctions on ebay?
does anyone know if we can run the charity auctions on the australian ebay? i am having trouble finding it on there but was so easy to find on the us version arrrggg why is everything so hard? lol
hugs gayle
Hi Gayle

I did see a few charity auctions for reborns during the victorian bush fire appeals. They had the permits and everthing in their auction template. I remember one for the red cross. I imagine as long as you have the correct permit for your State it would be ok. Sorry probably doesn't help much.

yeah I have seen those but i mean the ones where you select on ebay a certain percentage of the sale goes to ...... you know the ones with the blue and yellow ribbion? lol or am i just imaginin things lol most likely i am hehe
hugs gayle
no i don't know!! lol I have no idea what you are talking about lol. Never seen them before. You must be goin crazy..... just kidding.... but i still have no idea.


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