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Cassandras Closet New Zealand
For those who are interested in where to buy clothes for their babies/reborn dolls I would like to suggest you have a look on Trade Me which is New Zealand's ebay. I discovered the most amazing women who creates outstanding outfits for reborns. I have to admit I have been spending way too much money at her online store but her clothes are so fantastic. Dianna has seen a couple of these outfits and even she thought they were wonderful which says a lot as she is a dab hand on ole machine herself, actually there isnt much she cant do really lol. Anyway staying on track here guys Trade Me New Zealand and the seller is Cassandras closet. Well worth having a look as I have to admit as an artist I find it very hard to get clothes to fit some of these babies especially the little ones, and finding cassandras closet was a bit of a blessing.
[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

The store sounds wonderful Andama. I looked through trademe last night and I couldn't find her store. Would you be able to post a link?

An eBay seller that goes by susie3436 also sells lovely dresses at very reasonable prices, as is molt2535.

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