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Can't get the eyelashes right :(
I've just finished painting my first reborn, and I am now trying to root her eyelashes and its driving me crazy!
She is the Twin A (sleeping baby) kit.
First i rooted them with the slumberland light baby brown mohair i am going to be using for her head, but they didn't look right, the colour is too light so you couldnt see them and then i ended up rooting them too thick. So i pulled them out and tried doing them in a darker brown mohair. But I'm not still not happy with them, i dont think they look right, I tried rooting them in the right direction but i cant get them to sit right.
Can anyone help?! should i pull them out and start again?!
I dont know what to do to or how to get them right

[Image: P1060218.jpg]

[Image: P1060207.jpg]

[Image: P1060250.jpg]

Ps sorry about the big photos... i resized them about 5 time in photobucket but they are still showing up the size they were to start with!
I've not tried rooting them , I've always bought th strips , but I'm sure someone will be long to advise up shortly , looks as if your doing a grand job from your pics x
Hi, I can't see anything wrong with them. You won't get them perfect unless you use the strip lashes. I'd be gluing them in and moving on. Well done.!
Thank you. Maybe I'm just being too fussy! lol
It definately helps having other peoples opinions. Thank you! I think sometimes when you are looking at the same thing over and over it always ends up looking wrong!
Maybe I will leave them and see what i think once I've rooted her hair.
Thank you Smile
I think they look really good and personally I always make my eyelash colour a little darker than the hair.
I think perhaps you are being a little hard on yourself as I would be perfectly happy with those lashes

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I also think the lashes look great!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]
They look good to me too Smile
I think they look fine !!
Luv [Image: KateKDRtransp.gif] x

Reborn Artist Catherine Turner

[Image: newlogo.jpg]
Thank you everyone! so grateful for this place!! xx
Oh yes....I think you've done a VERY good job with them!!!
[Image: LOGOforEBAY-1-1.jpg]

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