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Broken Bell
Today, I was taking my dolls out to photograph them. Putting them back is always a task because of limited space, but I didn't realize that I had my special bell on the doll shelf.

I saw it fall, but it hit the floor and shattered just as I was realizing what it was. I feel awful.

It was part of my "Sea of Broken Hearts" collection. It said, "Clara and Max January 28, 1922-1972"

I didn't know Clara or Max, but I had always taken care of the bell that commemorated their marriage....until today.

I used to keep it above my desk. I never should have moved it.

I can probably fix it since I haven't lost any pieces, and they're big pieces. I just feel bad that it broke and wanted to vent about it.
I feel for you. hope you can put it together successfully, I am sure you will be able to as you said the pieces are big,
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